Kashmir University students design a unique ‘starch rice cooker’ to help diabetic patients

On Sunday, a group of Kashmir University students received the patent rights for their innovation in coming up with a ‘Starch Rice Cooker’ for diabetic patients. Recently, five students who came up with the initiative of the ‘Starch Rice Cooker’ were honored with an award by the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Manoj Sinha.

As per reports, the cooker has been designed for diabetic patients by Sajid Noor, Jahangir Hameed Lone, Imran Nazir, and Azur Hussain and their teacher Dr Bilal Ahmed Malik. Notably, the Indian Patent Authority has granted them patency rights to them.

Starch Rice Cooker

According to reports, the innovative cooker can cook meals for a number of people remotely over a text message and can also monitor the starch status of the rice while they are being cooked. According to students involved in the innovation, the cooker is one of the unique inventions as it does not involve the manual method of cooking rice.

Speaking to a local news channel, Sajid Noor said, “The two more chambers for water and rice have been made in this rice cooker, which is controlled by Manbi technology over GSM and IoT.”

Noor further asserted that through a message sent through the mobile phone, the cooker will automatically pour water and rice from the designated chamber into the cooker to cook water and rice, and then later, the command givers will be informed at each stage. He also said that the cooker will keep informing the commander as and when the rice is ready.

On the other hand, teacher Dr Bilal Ahmed Malik, while speaking to a local news channel, said, “The trend of research and inventions is on the rise among the youth of the Kashmir valley and they only need encouragement at each stage.”

Starch-Free Rice Cooker

Earlier in January, five Kashmiri students and a Scientific Officer from the Kashmir University in Jammu and Kashmir invented a cooker for cooking starch-free rice aimed at helping diabetes patients. As per reports, the device will monitor the starch status of rice being cooked. It will consistently screen the starch status and will evacuate it when it is discharged out of the rice during the cooking process.

A member of the team which invented the cooker, Jehangir Hamid Lone said that they had made the rice cooker for diabetic patients. “We have added numerous features. The existing rice cookers in the market, the starch level in them remains preserved,” he said.

Talking about the functionality of the cooker, Lone claimed that the cooker operates on a single text message. “It operates with a single text message. You just need to send a text to the cook from anywhere, and it will start functioning. We have even filed a patent for it. The Indian Patent Authority published its patent on October 29, 2021, he said.


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