Kardashian fans suspect Kim secretly got buccal fat removal plastic surgery after spotting ‘sign’ in pics

KARDASHIAN fans suspect that reality star Kim Kardashian has gotten a nip and tuck on a certain portion of her face.

Fans are now guessing that Kim, 42, sneakily had a buccal fat removal plastic surgery procedure after spotting a “sign” in her pictures.


Kim Kardashian fans suspect that she got buccal fat removal surgeryCredit: BackGrid
Suspicions arose after a side-by-side snap of Kim was posted to Reddit


Suspicions arose after a side-by-side snap of Kim was posted to RedditCredit: Getty – Contributor

Recently a Reddit page dedicated to the Kardashians posted a side-by-side snap of the 42-year-old.

On the left side of the picture was a throwback photo of the Hulu star circa 2012 and on the right was a photo of the SKIMS founder this year.

There were key differences between the old and new photo, specifically Kim’s hair color shift from dark brunette to blond and her cheek structure.

In the right-side snap the mother-of-four’s cheeks looked hollowed out and significantly slimmer than they did in the left-side photo of her younger self.

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A Reddit user pinpointed the subtle change in the new picture side of the snap and opened up the cyber floor for fans to discuss Kim’s seemingly restructured face.

“With buccal fat removal surgery trending. Do you think Kim ever had buccal fat removal? Or her face naturally got slimmer with aging?” the Reddit user asked.

Answering the question, a fan on Reddit responded: “Yeah I think she got Buccal Fat Removal because her entire mouth area looks weird.”

“It could also explain her constant duck faces. She should not have removed buccal fat because if she was planning on being super thin anyway, then her face would have slimmed down naturally.”

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Other fans suggested that she got more extensive plastic surgery than just fat removal to achieve her new facial look.

One fan claimed: “The chin implant really made her face so long. She can’t keep her mouth shut anymore.”

Another Reddit user replied back: “She had a chin implant? That would make sense since her chin looks abnormally long and pointy.”

A fifth fan proposed that the KKW Beauty founder just had “chin liposuction,” while another suspected she had a “mini facelift.”

“Ima go with a mini facelift or neck lift. That whole face tightness that most of them [The Kardashian-Jenner sisters] seem to have just SCREAMS facelift to me,” a fan explained.


The Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum has been accused more than once of having plastic surgery.

A few weeks back fans called out Kim for potentially having a “secret” surgery after she appeared at her son Saint West’s seventh birthday bash all covered up.

A fan had posted to Reddit about her potential cosmetic procedures, writing several clues that they thought fueled the suspicion.

“Is Kim recovering from surgery? We haven’t seen her since a brief glance at Disneyland and Saints birthday and she was covered up from head to toe,” they wrote.

“She has only posted old pictures on her feed and she wasn’t at the People’s Choice award.”

The Reddit user added: “Watch she comes out from hiding sporting a new face, hair or skin color.”

Others raced to the comments to share their own opinions on the matter, one replying: “Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if winter is Surgery Season for them.”

“Easier to cover the garments with sweatpants and hoodies,” a second agreed.

Many fans attributed Kim's new slim face to her getting plastic surgery


Many fans attributed Kim’s new slim face to her getting plastic surgeryCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Some fans even thought Kim achieved her new look with a 'mini face lift'


Some fans even thought Kim achieved her new look with a ‘mini face lift’Credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Other fans thought that the Hulu star might have had 'chin liposuction'.


Other fans thought that the Hulu star might have had ‘chin liposuction’.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

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