Joywell Foods rebrands as Oobli, unveils first food product featuring oubli fruit sweet protein (brazzein)

Oobli – which was originally planning to debut with beverages​​-told us it had switched to confectionery as chocolate bars.”were a better fit for a Q4/holiday launch, so it is more of a market/seasonality adjustment to the sequence.”

The chocolate bars – available for pre-sale on Oobli’s website– contain unsweetened chocolate, chicory root fiber, organic coconut sugar, cocoa butter, ground vanilla beans, and double fruit sweet protein (aka brazzein).

Each 32g serving of the Oobli 70% cacao bar contains 150 calories, 3g sugar, and 9g fiber. As a point of contrast, Lindt 70% dark chocolate (sweetened with sugar) contains 190 cals, 9g sugar, and 2g fiber per 30g serving; While Lily’s 70% extra dark no sugar added chocolate (sweetened with erythritol and stevia extract) contains 130 calories, 0g sugar, and 8g fibre.

2,000 times sweeter than sugar

The ultra-sweet protein brazzein – which is up to 2,000 times sweeter than sugar – is found in tiny quantities in the obli fruit, which makes it prohibitively expensive to extract.

Instead, Oobli is producing the same protein in fermentation tanks via a genetically engineered strain of yeast. However, as no detectible modified DNA from the host microbe (a pichia yeast strain) is in the final product, it will not trigger a ‘bioengineered’ label.

As the protein is chemically identical to the protein found in the fruit, the company lists it as ‘Oubli fruit sweet proteinOn the ingredients list, the firm said:Oobli is a sweet protein platform technology and consumer goods company. The obli fruit sweet protein is one of the proteins on the platform.”


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