Jake Paul explains the ‘fat suit’ he wore on social media ahead of his fight with Anderson Silva.

Jake Paul explains the fat suit he wore on social media ahead of his fight with Anderson Silva.

The fight that will have two different but distinct fan bases going head-to-head happens this Saturday on Showtime PPV. Jake Paul (5-0) put his undefeated record on the line against former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (3-1). This has already set a record as it has become the highest-grossing boxing event in the history of Glendale’s Desert Diamond Arena.

As both men make their media rounds during fight week, Paul checked in with The DAZN Boxing show. They discussed a number of things from shadowboxing as a southpaw in preparation for the Tyrone Woodley fight to the possibility of a Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano rematch.

Right from the start, Ak & Barak ask Paul about any nerves going into the fight. Paul said, “I’m good man. I feel like with each fight, I just get more and more experience and more comfortable with going into the ring. I’m more capable to contend with these guys, and I just trained so hard for this moment, and my confidence is in my preparation.”

Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva can be streamed live this Saturday on Showtime PPV ($59.99)

Almost every fighter has some type of nerves when they go into a fight, but part of keeping his mind from focusing too much on that is the fact that Paul is also a promoter. He is heavily involved in the rollout plan, every social media post, the edits, and ensuring that the fans are consistently reminded about the date of the event. “It’s definitely like a job, and I go super hard. I pride myself on being the best promoter of this generation.”

While discussing being a promoter, Paul posted a video on social media where he has this huge stomach and told his fans that he is moving up to heavyweight. Obviously, this was fake, but the video is humorous and is the type of content that makes people tune in and aware of his upcoming fight. It’s savvy marketing, but there is a reason why he wore the “fat suit”. Paul told Ak & Barak, “I’m moving up to the heavyweight division (laughs). It was a fat suit. I was doing a commercial. My company is actually sponsoring the fight. They are like the official sponsor of the fight. The commercial concept is called “Point of view: Jake loses to Anderson Silva.” It’s like what would happen if Jake were to lose to Anderson Silva. I get fat, and you’ll see the commercial. I had to do extra content with the suit because it was hilarious.”

You can watch the rest of the interview on DAZN.

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