“I’m Not A Lesbian, I’m Just Fat”

Everyone has different goals in life. Some prioritise their career and achievements. Others value life skills and experiences. However, most tend to agree that milestones are the most vivid way to mark success in life. And that, of course, includes finding a life partner.

TVB actress May Chan (陈嘉佳), or better known by her nicknames Siu Po ​​(小宝) and Sai Sai Lup (细细粒), is pretty successful as an artist. But, May recently claimed she’s hoping to find her other half. In fact, she claims she’s hoping to do it via a blind date show!

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May is well known in the entertainment community for several things such as her comedic roles, acting, and her plus-size figure. However, the artist claims it’s the latter that has kept her from dating for the past few years. As such, the 37-year-old recently shared in a video on Douyin that she wanted to join a dating show to do some blind dating.

I told my company and (they) said (they) would arrange it (soon),she stated. “I want to go (for such a show).“May added that she was curious if there was even a “market” for people like her. “If there is a dating show that accepts girls weighing 200 pounds (~100kg), I want to participate,she said. “I really want to (know) what boys think about fat girls.

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May’s dating problem has persisted for most of her life. “My mother used to suspect that I was a lesbian,” she shared with a shy smile. “(Her reasoning) was that she never saw me dating any guys. I told her, I’m really not (a lesbian), I’m just too fat.

The actress claimed that most people tend to judge people based on their appearance for the first meeting. “My appearance,” she said while gesturing to herself, “has already made 80% of guys not want to take the next step in (dating me).


However, May admitted that trying to loose weight to date simply wasn’t worth considering. After all, her hobby was eating. “If you tell me that you aren’t OK with this (part of me), then I ask, aside from love, (what) is my motivation for work and my attitude for life?she said.

Source: Facebook/細細粒 – 小寶

May added that while she does not have any experience in romantic love, she is still hoping to get married. “I’m afraid the stage of being single has gone on for too long in my life,she said. “If you have the opportunity to go to the next stage (and) have a family, who wouldn’t want that? I definitely do.

Fans have reassured the artist that she’s beautiful. Others have added their thoughts about losing weight, mainly claiming it’s for health reasons. But, either way, we certainly hope that May manages to find someone who looks beyond her appearance and loves her for who she is!

Watch May’s video here:

Sources: Douyin, Xuan

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