Hyderabad road caves in, damaging vehicles and vegetable carts

The incident happened amidst a weekly market in the Chaknawadi area of ​​Goshamagal, and civic officials are yet to announce the exact reason for the mishap.

A stretch of a road in the Chaknawadi area of ​​Hyderabad’s Goshamahal caved in on Friday, December 23, triggering panic and commotion among local residents. While no serious injuries or injuries were reported as a result, several vehicles including two-wheelers, cars and mini-trucks fell into the sunken road and were damaged. Vendors’ carts were also swallowed into the ground, and visuals showed vegetables strewn all over the caved in road. While civil officials are yet to ascertain the exact cause of the mishap, it is believed to have been caused by a broken water pipeline underneath the road.

A vegetable and fruit market is usually set up in the neighborhood every Friday, resulting in crowded streets, according to reports. Goshamahal Traffic Station House Officer (SHO) Dhana Lakshmi told TNM that the incident happend between 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm on Friday. A pipeline under the road had been broken down. We were informed about the same by some local residents at 1.30 pm, and we were at the location by 1.40 pm. Since then, we have barricaded the area and have tried to clear the traffic. Currently, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) officials are working on clearing the vehicles that fell into the cave,” the traffic police officer said on Friday evening.

The incident has left many local residents shocked. Several vehicles and vegetable carts were damaged in the sudden cave-in. Meanwhile, the police officer said that were no special traffic restrictions had been announced in the area, as the incident happened in an internal road. However, residents of the neighborhood would find alternative routes to reach their homes, another Goshamahal police officer said.

Visuals circulating on social media show a stretch of road, approximately 100 meters long, caved in along with vehicles and carts carrying vegetables and fruits. According to reports, a few persons suffered minor injuries in the incident, and several vehicles were damaged. However, police officials said that there were no major injuries or casualties caused by the incident.

GHMC officials did not respond to TNM’s queries about the cause of the incident. Meanwhile, local Congress leaders visited the location and demanded compensation for the injured persons, and for the damages incurred to the vehicles. The Congress leaders have alleged that the GHMC corporations are not being allocated enough funds to tackle such emergency situations.

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