Homemade Protein Powder Recipe With Natural Ingredients For Weight Loss (Recipe Inside)

Do you loathe the taste of milk and can you have it only if it’s flavored with other ingredients? We often end up adding store-bought protein powders that do not add their nutritional value but also add artificial flavoring agents and preservatives. Protein powder, in general, is a great addition to our diet since protein is essential for various functions of the body. Be it weight loss, bone health, immunity or boosting energy and metabolism, protein works in multiple ways to take care of our health.

If you want to increase your protein intake to level up your weight loss diet, why not go for healthier homemade protein powder? We found a video by nutritionist Avanti Deshpande on her YouTube channel that lets us make two kinds of protein powders with almost the same ingredients. You can make elaichi-flavored protein powder and chocolate-flavored protein powder in one go.

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Protein powder helps enhance workout goals.

Weight Loss: How To Make Protein Powder I Homemade Protein Powder Recipe

Roast almonds and pistachios, and grind them into a coarse powder. roast sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and watermelon seeds; grind them into a coarse powder. Mix the seeds powder with the nuts powder. Then divide them into two parts. Use this powder as a common base to make the two different flavors of protein powder.

Kesar elaichi protein powder recipe:

We all know that chana dal is extremely rich in proteins along with other nutrients. Grind chana dal and add to the nuts and seeds powder; Flavor with elaichi powder and/or kesar powder.

Protein chocolate powder recipe:

Take the rest of the nuts and seeds powder. Add some skim milk powder and cocoa powder to it. Chocolate protein powder is ready.

You can store these protein powders in a glass jar to increase their shelf life. Take 1 tbsp of the powder and add it to one glass of milk or other foods and drinks of your choice.

Watch the complete recipe video here:

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