“He couldn’t clear that fat gut over that top rope.”

Top Dolla’s botch from last week’s WWE SmackDown continues to be a major talking point online. Dutch Mantell was the latest name to react to the incident, and he didn’t mince his words while speaking on Sportskeeda’s WrestleBinge channel.

The Hit Row member failed to execute a dive over the top rope and landed on the stiff ring apron. While Top Dolla luckily escaped without a significant injury, the superstar became the brunt of many jokes on Twitter. Fans criticized his decision to even attempt the spot, given his size.

Top Dolla might have successfully done the move outside WWE a few times, but it sadly didn’t work out well for him when he finally tried it on the blue brand.

WWE, however, acknowledged his misstep and had him sell a knee injury during Hit Row’s tag team championship match against The Usos on the latest SmackDown episode. Dutch Mantell liked that WWE booked the angle; however, he claimed that it had nothing to do with the reason behind Top Dolla’s botch.

The legendary manager proceeded to roast the 32-year-old WWE star this week’s Smacktalkas you can check out below:

“It was okay, but I do like the fact that they worked on the knee; they kept talking about the knee. That’s why he said he missed the move last week. I think he missed the move last week because of 80 pounds, probably , that he couldn’t clear that fat gut over that top rope. But I do like the way he landed and walked away like, ‘Yep, that’s what it is! That’s what it is!'” [10:27 – 10:55]


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Dutch Mantell on Hit Row and The Usos’ WWE SmackDown match

Top Dolla and Ashante “Thee” Adonis got a rare shot at The Usos’ Undisputed Tag Team Championship this week. The returning team predictably couldn’t accomplish the near-impossible task of dethroning the champions.

Dutch Mantell didn’t have a problem with the title show down as he called it an ‘okay’ television match while reviewing the show. The veteran once again spoke about Top Dolla selling a knee injury, which stemmed from his inability to clear the top rope during his botched dive.

Mantell noted that WWE used the injury angle multiple times during the night. Raquel Rodriguez also won her Gauntlet match on SmackDown despite hurting her arm in kayfabe. Dutch stated:

“The match wasn’t bad. The match was okay, but I do like the fact that, you know, the knee beat him. Again. They did this twice, they did it with Top Dolla, and then they did it with, what’s the girl’s name? Raquel Rodriguez. They did it with her arm, except she won. She was at least selling it.” [11:26 – 11:48]

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