The Cart has many vegetarian customers and we pride ourselves on offering a good selection of choices for non-meat eaters.

Unlike many Hanoi restaurants we get it – no meat, means no meat.  So we’re not in the business of hiding any.

So if you wondering if that minestrone soup (a regular special) is made with a meat stock – it isn’t.  In fact, unless we specifically say that there is meat content there isn’t. Other regular specials include leek & potato soup and mulligatawny soup and in the summer we offer salads, so it’s always worth asking for the specials when you order.

Beyond our range of cakes and drinks, vegetarian sandwich options include:


A- Freshly baked muffin 20,000VND

B- Homemade jam with crusty baguette 60,000VND

C- Fresh fruit salad with yoghurt and honey 60,000VND

D- Toasted baguette with soft cheese, thinly sliced tomato and ground black pepper 80,000VND

E- E.L.T baguette: 2 eggs, lettuce, tomato and sweet chilli jam 80,000VND

No3 Ba Trieu Street: Roasted eggplant with zucchini, capsicum and coriander pesto 85,000VND

No8 Au Trieu Street: Cheddar cheese, egg, grated carrot, radish, tomato, cucumber and lettuce 85,000 VND

No9 Falafel Wrap: Falafel, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and yoghurt sauce 85,000 VND


We regularly have Cheese, onion & potato pasties available, vegetable tarts and savoury muffins available.  In addition we have also previously made curried vegetables pies.  If you would like to order any of these in bulk then please get in contact with us.

If you have any additional suggestions then please get in touch.  Likewise, we can also provide vegetarian catering or make items in bulk for home freezing.