gov. Ron DeSantis Would Be “Working At A Dairy Queen” Without Trump’s Help According To GOP Campaigner Roger Stone | Toby Hazelwood

Stone warns DeSantis not to run against Trump

Governor Ron DeSantisPhoto byMatt Johnson, United States, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

On December 21, a video emerged of an interview with Roger Stone, renowned Republican campaigner and ally to the one-term former president Donald Trump. In the interview, Stone seemed to be going all out to war Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis against considering a run for the White House against Trump.

While Stone acknowledged that DeSantis has enjoyed a successful political career in Florida, he was keen to point out that going ‘toe-to-toe’ in a campaign against Trump would be like a ‘cage fight’.

Stone was also keen to give Donald Trump all the credit for DeSantis’ success, claiming that he had only won the governorship of Florida, after Trump endorsed him on Twitter.

Stone – a fierce ally of Trump and well-known conservative Republican strategist was harsh in his assessment of DeSantis, stating:

“DeSantis’ campaign was turbocharged by an endorsement from Trump, otherwise he’d be working at a Dairy Queen right now.”

Stone threatening DeSantis again?

Stone coming out with a verbal attack on DeSantis may be something to do with the sense of despair that seems to have overtaken many in the Trump camp recently, with evidence suggesting that Trump is falling out of favor amongst the wider Republican party. This isn’t even the first time Stone has made public comments directed at DeSantis, in order to protect Trump.

In November 2021, Stone threatens to run for governor of Florida in 2022 against DeSantis, in an apparent bid to rob him of a few votes. That was, unless, DeSantis was willing to confirm that he wouldn’t be running against Trump for president in 2024.

DeSantis made no such promise, and Stone didn’t run, highlighting that it was yet another empty threat. Meanwhile, the incumbent Republican DeSantis beat Democratic challenger Charlie Crist by a double-digit margin!

DeSantis overtaking Trump

Evidence to suggest that Trump is falling out of favor is overwhelming at this point. DeSantis has topped Trump in numerous polls of Republicans both in Florida and elsewhere in recent weeks, each time highlighting that he is voters’ first choice for presidential candidate.

Aside from polls, numerous conservative news media outlets have dropped Trump from their coverage or are treating him with more cynicism than ever before. At the same time, various Republican mega-donors have ditched Trump, with Ken Griffin – CEO of Citadel Investments – referring to Trump as a “three-time loser”, suggesting he is ready to support DeSantis instead.

Trump also seems to be falling from grace with other Republican politicians who were previously devoted to him – notable amongst them, hard-right Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado who has also declared her support for DeSantis.

Meanwhile, those most loyal to Trump including Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor-Greene, have been critical of those Republicans not declaring their support of Trump.

It may well be that in the weeks and months to come, Trump’s camp of supporters gets whittled down further until there is only MTG, Roger Stone and a few others remaining on his side over DeSantis – time will tell!

Do you think that the opinions of figures like Roger Stone hold any influence over politicians and voters? Is Trump now a lost cause? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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