Girl Scouts event planned at Abilene-area dairy

One of the goals of Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts is to expose their members to different experiences. Many of these could lead to a lifetime hobby, or, in some cases, a career field.

How many of you adults, as a teenager, would have been interested in a program on the career field you eventually chose? Some, maybe; many others, probably not. But one never knows what might spark latent interest in a teen-ager’s mind.

Girl Scouts in Central Texas council have an unusual opportunity: Find out what is involved in running a dairy. The council is presenting a program at Volleman’s Dairy in Gustine Jon an. 14 to show Scouts from second grade on up just what it takes to do that job. But that isn’t the end of the story.

After the tour and presentation, Scouts will compete in a “mystery milk flavour” contest, using a supplied syrupy base. Create your mystery flavour, then present it, along with your reasons why milk and cookies (preferably Girl Scout cookies?) is the go-to snack for you.

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