Gen Z force ‘radical rethink’ of natural colours

Established 40 years ago in the German city of Aachen, GNT wanted to produce coloring concentrates ‘in the most natural way possible’. “When we first started making colors from fruits, vegetables, and plants in 1978, natural colors were too expensive, weren’t stable, and lacked the vibrancy of artificial colours.”​ reflected Maartje Hendrickx, Market Development Manager, GNT Group.

The company’s founder coined the term ‘coloring foods’: food concentrates used solely for the purpose of delivering color to food and beverages. This approach has become the industry standard across a number of markets, as the ability of natural colors to deliver a functional performance has improved. “This has changed dramatically in recent times.”Hendrickx confirmed. Today, we can provide plant-based, sustainable colors that are every bit as vibrant as synthetics in the majority of applications. This creates opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers to use bold, hedonistic hues to create a new visual language for products that are good for people and the planet.”

The emergence of ‘healthy hedonism’

Indeed, GNT believes we have entered a ‘bold new era’ of ‘healthy hedonism’ – an approach that is inspiring food and beverage makers to radically rethink what is possible with the use of natural colours.

The company, which recently undertook a research project to examine consumer attitudes to color in food and drink, found the F&B colors market is being shaped by three desires: Generation Z’s desire to ’embrace joy and creativity’ while also ‘staying true to core values’ and taking a holistic approach to health and wellness.


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