Frozen food is unhealthy; Here’s why you should avoid them

Frozen food: We all love those fried bite-sized snacks, meats, ready to eat food. If frozen, they are quick to prepare, taste yummy and save us a lot of hassle. They differ from fresh food in the way they are produced, stored and preserved. But we must not forget that frozen food can never be better than a freshly cooked healthy meal. In fact, doctors say they are highly avoidable as they can lead to a number of health hazards.

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Risk of diabetes

Starch is used to keep frozen items fresh. This starch helps in adding taste and texture to the food. The starch gets converted into sugar before digestion takes place. Any rise in sugar levels can put you at risk of diabetes.

Risk of heart disease

Doctors say packaged or frozen food items contain trans fats that increase the risk of getting heart disease, and are also linked to clogged arteries. This fat increases bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body and lowers the good cholesterol (HDL). All this contributes to heart illness. Sodium is also high in these food items, which can also raise cholesterol levels in the body.

Weight gain or obesity

Frozen foods are extremely high in fat. The ratio of fats to carbs and proteins in these foods is almost double, which is why they are loaded with calories.

Lacks nutritional value

Important vitamins and minerals are destroyed if food is frozen for a long time. Hence, frozen foods are not as nutritious as fresh foods.

Doesn’t taste good

Fresh food obviously has a great aroma and tastes good. But frozen food lack that. You can never get that crunch and taste of fresh food.

Risk of cancer

Doctors say that too much consumption of frozen food can lead to pancreatic cancer. Frozen sausages, salamis or other items can increase the risk of contracting cancer. This is usually because of the preservatives used in these frozen food items. Corn syrup, present in frozen food, also exhibits carcinogenic tendencies.

Elevates blood pressure

According to studies, frozen foods contain a high amount of sodium and hence, can elevate the blood pressure. Consuming too much sodium also increases the risk of other medical conditions like stroke and heart diseases.

Shelf-life of frozen food

Vegetables – 3 to 4 months

Fruits – 4 to 5 months

Fish – about 4 months

Meat – 4 to 6 months

Ready made food – 3 to 4 months

Dairy products – 2 to 3 months

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