From high-protein fermented grains to packaging from agri-residues, meet the 45 startups handpicked by FoodBytes! by Rabobank in 2022

Throughout the year, the startups participated in tailored programming with access to industry insiders, mentorship, and relationship building with potential corporate partners and investors, said Anne Greven, head of FoodBytes! by Rabobank, which has switched from a pitch competition to a “continuous scouting model”​ Providing ongoing mentoring and support.

This year’s program began in the spring, with the first wave of startups participating in 1:1 mentoring and group workshops with experts on topics from route to market and investment strategy, to corporate collaboration.

These startups are actively problem-solving for the highest priority challenges in the food and ag industry,” Said Greven. “FoodBytes! remains the go-to community for those working to accelerate impact, and through our best-in-class network, we’ve brokered pivotal connections in real time.”

The 45 startups that have taken part in this year’s program include:

Q1: Meeting a new consumer demand

Startups in this space are “responding to how the consumer of 2030 and beyond will shop for, eat and evaluate food,” ​and span diversified ingredients, traceability, wearables and tracking, nutrition and immunity, and novel packaging.

  • Diversified Ingredients:​Cano-ela​, Eighth Day Foods​, Ergo Bioscience​, Equii​ (previously Cella Farms), Grain4Grain​, Ira Noah​
  • Nutrition & Immunity:​Embion Technologies, Nulixir​, Whole & Free Foods LLC (Every Body Eat®)​
  • Novel Packaging: ​Restalk​, SAVRpak​
  • Traceability: ​Farmstand​, Improvin​ (previously Skira), Wholechain​, Kafoodle​


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