We ask that our customers note and respect the following regarding feedback:

With this site, our Facebook page, Twitter stream, a frequently checked email address, phone numbers and staff with good English, the options for feedback are many.

There can be few businesses with so many channels for communication or which work so hard to both listen and be heard.

Good or bad, our favoured time for feedback is right after your meal or, if there is a problem meaning you can’t finish your food, let us know straight away and we will do what we can to make the situation right.

Please don’t eat everything or leave without a word and then complain elsewhere. We, of course, can’t stop you, but to our mind it’s the least effective form of feedback and it makes it very hard for us to assist you and act on the problem.

It’s not that we don’t take negative feedback seriously, online or offline.  It’s actually just the opposite – we consider them, we act on them, we try and contact the customer involved and we bring staff together to discuss any issues.  Without exception staff work hard for The Cart and, in return, we respect their right to be treated with respect by both us, the employers, and customers alike.

It’s a learning experience and we all make mistakes but we’re all human.

We value our customers highly and many have become friends and supporters. What truly makes our day is seeing a friendly face at the counter or welcoming a new customer and seeing  them enjoy their first Cart experience. We don’t have huge marketing budgets so word of mouth is how most people come to know about us.

As regards our food we make no claims other than it is simple food, freshly made – after that it’s your opinion that matters.

Beyond that we will continue to work very hard to make sure all your dealings with The Cart are positive.