Farmers’ market finds at African Dream Cuisine and Sandos KC

African Dream Cuisine. // Photo by Tyler Shane

African Dream Cuisine

African Dream Cuisine, a vendor residing in the Lenexa Public Market. The owners are husband and wife duo Stella Musongong and Neba Ngqa, and their food is inspired by their Cameroon roots.

The menu is filled with friendly comfort foods such as smoked meats, Kongla fried rice, sautéed cabbage, and fried sweet plantains. The Dream Sauce is uniquely divine with its red bell pepper base. The condiment is robust, smooth, and extremely versatile.

Behind the counter, you can see the couple making their food from scratch and smoking their meats every day to ensure the freshest quality.

A common misconception the owners hear about African cuisine is that it is spicy. While they claim that is not the case, they make a special hot sauce for those who want that extra kick. Most of the menu is dairy and gluten-free.

A seasonal menu item not to be missed is the Fufu and Egusi soup. Fufu is a dough-like starchy food made to be dipped into the thick pumpkin seed soup (Egusi). The dish is nutty, meaty, and a must-try for fall.

If you’re looking to venture out of your comfort zone and try something new, African Dream Cuisine is the place to do it.

African Dream Cuisine is located in the Lenexa Public Market at 8750 Penrose Ln., Lenexa, KS 66219.

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The Breakfast Sando at Sandos KC. // Photo by Tyler Shane

Sandos KC

Our local food scene has been gaining national recognition recently, and in the words of Lizzo, “It’s about damn time.” The Overland Park Farmers Market has recently been ranked the no. 1 Farmer’s Market in America and shows signs of only getting better. Within the land of raw fruits and veggies sits an indulgent food truck serving up a new take on breakfast sandwiches—Sandos KC.

The food truck specializes in Thai-American fusion, and if you’re curious about Thai-inspired breakfast food, the Breakfast Sando is a great introduction. A fluffy Thai-style omelet is stacked with ham, white American cheese, and drizzled with a Tiger Cry Aioli. The Farm to Market sesame seed brioche bun is what makes this sandwich truly exceptional, as it is somehow dense and fluffy all at the same time. The texture is unbeatable.

Snacks offered include delicacies like Thai fried ravioli and tater tots served with green curry ranch. For dessert, you ask? Thai coffee Tiramisu.

Sandos KC is located in the Overland Park Farmers’ Market at 7950 Marty St., Overland Park, KS 66204.

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