Custom Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Looks Menacing In Its Stealthy Avatar

Built by UK’s Laguna Motorcycles, the Fat Boy says goodbye to all its chrome, and for good reason

Unlike the stock Fat Boy, this one has no chrome whatsoever!

The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy is a favorite fan around the globe, and this popularity often results in some tasteful custom projects. We have covered plenty of them here, but since we can’t stop doing it, here’s another custom Fat Boy you ought to see. This one comes from UK’s Laguna Motorcycles – makers of this funky Minion edition Harley – and it looks menacing in its stealthy expression.

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy “Stealth” By Laguna Motorcycles

The 260-section wheel, coupled with the air suspension, results in an unmatched squat stance

Officially dubbed the Fat Boy Stealth, the custom motorcycle has come a long way from stock. Chrome is no longer the protagonist here, and the entire motorcycle now dons a blacked-out attire. And “entire” is not an exaggeration. The suspension, bodywork, engine, headlight, handlebar, everything is black. The only other color you’ll find is red, thanks to the accents on the tank, engine, and rear fender.


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Laguna has chopped the subframe and equipped the Fat Boy with an LED-laden custom fender. The party trick, however, is the bike’s air suspension, which drops the ride height with a flick of a button. Bring the extra-wide 260-section rear wheel in the picture, and the Fat Boy’s stance looks unmatched.

Let’s just say the Screamin’ Eagle helps the Fat Boy scream in all its glory

Elsewhere, the 114ci (1,868cc) engine now breathes more freely, thanks to a Screamin’ Eagle air filter. It sounds the part too, courtesy of the beautiful Bassani slash-cut exhaust. Don’t expect the power output to be miles away from the stock 94 horsepower, though. Meanwhile, a custom leather seat, drag-type flat handlebar, and broader footrests ensure a sportier riding position. Once climbed on, you’ll also appreciate the custom color-matched grips and rearview mirrors.

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There aren’t any other notable changes, and that’s intentional. The shop didn’t want to go overboard and keep subtle things yet crisp. Judging from how good it looks, mission accomplished.

Can You Buy This Custom Fat Boy?

The fender is a custom unit and has integrated LED lights

Sadly, Laguna hasn’t shed a light whether this is up for grabs. What we can assure you, though, is that the shop can surely whip up a similar custom Harley for you and tweak it to further match your taste. Laguna is also an official Harley-Davidson dealer, so you don’t have to worry about a donor bike either.

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