Clear to see as dairy firm converts green milk caps to clear

Following a series of successful trials, Müller Milk & Ingredients has started switching its colored milk bottle caps to clear, and aims to transform its whole range by summer 2023.

In a phased approach, which started in November and will be completed in December, the dairy company is currently converting all green semi-skimmed milk, its most popular, into clear caps.

While Müller’s milk bottles, which are manufactured in-house, are fully recyclable and made of at least 30% recycled material (rHDPE), the colored caps cannot currently be recycled back into food grade packaging.

The introduction of clear caps will enable the retention of the material for reuse within the food sector.

With demand for rHDPE outstripping supply, the move to a ‘closed loop system’ is expected to increase the availability on the market by 1,560 tonnes per annum, further reducing requirements for ‘virgin’ plastic.

All other colored caps will be converted by summer 2023, and Müller is continuing to investigate ways to add recycled content into the caps.

Rob Hutchison, Chief Executive Officer at Müller Milk & Ingredients, said: “The humble rHDPE milk bottle is already a tremendous example of the circular economy, but we wanted to do more.”

Market round-up.

C&D Auction Marts held their weekly primestock sale in Dumfries yesterday where prime cattle sold to 303p/kg for Limousin heifers.

OTMs were mainly dairy bred cows with all classes being easily sold. Beef types peaked at 220p/k for a Limousin and £1553 for an Aberdeen Angus, while dairy types sold to 161p and £1287 for Holsteins.

There firm also sold 736 prime lambs on a firm trade for a plainer offering.

Four lambs (25.5kg -32kg) averaged 247p, while 103 lambs (32.1-39kg) sold to £99 and 260p to average 243p (-5p).

There were 285 lambs (39.1kg-45.5kg) sold to £113 and 265p to average 249p (+4p), while 337 lambs (45.6kg- 52kg) peaked at £130 and 260p to average 240p (-3p). Seven lambs (52kg +) peaked at £132 and 225p to average 217p.

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 953 prime lambs and 402 cast sheep at Newton Stewart yesterday.

Export weight lambs were extremely easy to sell, regularly making 255p and above to a top of 280p for a Beltex. Heavy lambs were a similar trade to last week selling to a top of £140 for heavy Texels. Prime lambs averaged 243p (+7p) or £111 per head. The 225 Mules and Blackfaces in the sale peaked at £127 and 239p for Mules and £112 and 239p for Blackfaces.

Cast sheep were a poorer show for quality with trade being similar to last week. Top prices were £150 for Texel tups and £139 for a pair of Texel ewes. Mules sold for £100 and Blackfaces for £75.

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