Boy Pens Angry Letter Calling Santa ‘Fatty’ & Threatening Him Over

With Christmas just around the corner, many children have sent their lists to Santa and are anxiously waiting for him to deliver.

However, most children do not write follow-up letters to the big man once they’ve received their gifts.

One child’s defiant letter to Santa is taking the Internet by storm, and people aren’t sure whether to laugh or cry.

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The boy, Jeremy, threatens Santa after not getting one of his gifts.

In a TikTok video that has generated nearly 5 million likes, user @koko_mink shared a post he came across on Facebook displaying a little boy named Jeremy’s exchange of letters to Santa Claus.

“This s-t on Facebook just f-king killed me,” he says.

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He shares an image of Jeremy’s handwritten letter to Santa. “Dear Santa, I am writing this on the day after X-mas and I am very sad,” the letter reads. “I only received one of the two presents I asked for.”


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