Bel Brands, Perfect Day launch animal-free cream cheese, expand mainstream exposure of dairy alternatives

The partnership brings together Bel Brands’ more than 100 years of cheese-making experience and Perfect Day’s animal-free casein and whey made with microbial fermentation rather than cows to launch, this week, Nurishh Incredible Dairy Animal Free Cream Cheese Spread Alternative.

“We are leveraging our unique history and expertise in cheese and partnering with Perfect Day to create an animal-free cream cheese spread alternative that is made with real dairy protein so that it tastes just as good as traditional cream cheese that you are used to eating, but it is better because it contains real dairy proteins but it is also lactose free and it does not involve any cow.” Said Bel Brands USA’s plant-based acceleration director Florian Decaux.

He explained the addition allows more consumers – regardless of their dietary and lifestyle preferences – to enjoy traditional tasting cheese, which has not always been the case.

“There are many dairy-free and flexitarian consumers who have tried cheese alternatives.”​ in the past but are unwilling to compromise on texture and taste, “And that is really where we can make a difference at Bel Brands … because it is complex to develop a good cheese.”Using traditional dairy and even more so using alternative ingredients, Decaux explained.

But we believe we have done it.And with Nurishh’s animal-free cream cheese we have created a like-for-like product in terms of taste, texture and overall experience, he added.

By partnering with a long-standing, well-respected cheesemaker with a portfolio of iconic brands that are widely recognized by consumers, Perfect Day is able to introduce the concept of animal-free dairy to more mainstream consumers. While the company has partnered with several other high-profile brands across other dairy categories, each launch with a trusted partner raises awareness about its technology as a more sustainable alternative to dairy made from cows.


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