Aussie produce, Grown in Good Nature, on route to Bangkok

Australian horticulture’s new export brand, Grown in Good Nature, is set to launch at Asia Fruit Logistica in Bangkok next week to more than 40,000 potential buyers and business contacts from 86 countries.

Developed by Hort Innovation in partnership with Austrade and in consultation with industry, Grown in Good Nature brings to life how Australia’s good nature – in both geography and personality – empowers us to grow the greatest, freshest produce in the world.

Growers and supply chain representatives from the avocado, cherry, citrus and table grape industries will showcase their produce at the new Asia Fruit Logistica stand. The event will offer the opportunity to develop new business, make new top-level contacts and gather essential market information on every aspect of the fresh produce trade throughout Asia.

Hort Innovation chief executive officer Brett Fifield said the rebrand represents Australian horticulture’s strongest international market collaboration yet.

“Grown in Good Nature is spurred by clear signals from industry that expanding our presence in international markets is a priority,” he said. “With the launch of Austrade’s Australia Nation Brand, there was an opportunity to work together to create an unified presence overseas while maintaining a horticulture-specific identity, and so, Grown in Good Nature was born.”

Over the next six months, Grown in Good Nature marketing campaigns will launch in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. On top of trade show appearances, activities will include retailer partnerships, e-commerce, food service promotions, in-store displays, season launch influence events, food journalist engagement, TV coverage, employing social mediars and more.

Grown in Good Nature is underpinned by more than $58M in Hort Innovation export initiatives – covering educational resources for current and aspiring exporters, in-market data insights, research and development to support protocol requirements and biosecurity measures.

Mr Fifield said that export marketing campaigns are a key tool to grow demand for Australian produce.

“If Australia’s domestic production continues on its current growth trajectory, there will be close to 500,000 tons of excess supply by 2030. Grown in Good Nature aims to help curb that by lifting our profile overseas.”

Adrian Cordoma, a table grape grower from Robinvale Victoria, said he looks forward to seeing how the Grown in Good Nature brand resonates with attendees at AFL in Bangkok this November.

“Grown in Good Nature highlights the quality of the fruit, vegetables and nuts that Aussie growers produce and leverages the idea that our produce embodies Australia’s rich character. At AFL, we will have growners like myself at the stand displaying the premium products they have, and I’m looking forward to seeing what opportunities are ignited by our presence there.”

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