At this new Jamaican bakery in Windsor, vegetables are the star

Chantal Thomas’ Likkle Patty Shop in Windsor is the latest incarnation of her plant-based Jamaican patty business Amazing Ackee, which got its start four years ago and earned a following at farmers’ markets around greater Hartford.

But Amazing Acee actually started as a blog, she said, as she was sharing creative ways to prepare ackee, Jamaica’s national fruit. As she moved to the United States, she began thinking about turning her recipes and cooking knowledge into a business.

“Every culture has something stuffed in a pocket,” she said, listing global foods like dumplings, samosa, pierogies and calzones. “I thought that was a good intersection to start from.”

Thomas noted that the Caribbean food segment in the Hartford area could use more vegan options, and decided to specialize in vegetable-based fillings for her patties, instead of traditionally spiced seasoned ground beef. She herself is not vegan, but thought it was a chance for vegetables to shine.

Likkle Patty Shop in Windsor is the brick-and-mortar version of Amazing Ackee, the vegan Jamaican patty business by Chantal Thomas.

Leeanne Griffin/Hearst Connecticut Media

“I just feel like a lot of us don’t spend time getting to know our vegetables, and actually cook vegetables, and realize [they] on their own can taste good, if you don’t take that moment to give them some love,” she said.

In late November, Thomas opened her brick-and-mortar shop on Poquonock Avenue, offering grab-and-go patties, coco bread and beverages.

The food

Thomas makes several core patties, including the Amazing Acee, with ackee fruit in a savory preparation flavored with garlic, onion and Scotch bonnet pepper. A top-selling curried chickpea and zucchini version was inspired by her farmers’ markets visits, where she’d buy produce from local farms like Easy Pickins’ in Enfield.

Others are filled with spicy jerk eggplant, spinach and mushrooms, lentils, cauliflower and spicy squash, and a Calypso patty features a mix of turnips, kale, crushed tomatoes, sweet corn and hot peppers.

A selection of vegan patties and everything-seasoned coco bread at Likkle Patty Shop in Windsor.

A selection of vegan patties and everything-seasoned coco bread at Likkle Patty Shop in Windsor.

Leeanne Griffin/Hearst Connecticut Media

Beyond patties, Likkle sells coco bread, and Thomas puts her own twist on the Jamaican staple with flavors like garlic and everything seasoning. She’s also considering a caramelized onion version.

“For me, part of the enjoyment in cooking is the artistic expression – that’s my medium,” she said. “I really enjoy trying new things.”

The shop also sells vegan items from other local vendors, including hummus, rasta pasta and baked goods.

Eat in or take out?

Likkle Patty Shop is mostly set up for takeout and grab-and-go options, with a few counter seats.

80 Poquonock Avenue, Windsor

860-328-2823,, @likklepattyshop.

Open Wednesday through Friday from noon to 4 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm

Wheelchair accessible

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