Are frozen foods healthy? Plus the healthier choices you can make

“Are frozen healthy foods?” is a question that may have crossed your mind while scouring the freezer aisles for a bargain. Well, they can be. Frozen foods both cut costs and, if decided wisely, help you achieve a healthier, more balanced diet.

Adding more healthy frozen products to your weekly shopping list could prove to be a great money-frozen saver – the Aldi family meal plan (opens in new tab) budgets for less than 50p per meal per person. Indeed aside from the usual culprits, you may be surprised to discover that most supermarkets now stock a diverse selection of healthy frozen foods. Libby Linford (opens in new tab), a registered nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner, says: “In some cases, the variety of frozen produce surpasses what’s available fresh.” This is often the case when it comes to exotic fruits like açai berries.

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