Animal-free egg protein powers ‘world’s first protein-boosted hard juice’ from The EVERY Co and Pulp Culture

BUILD, which “required zero masking agents, sugar or other unnecessary additives”​ – contains on-trend ingredients ashwagandha and cordyceps, and 5g protein, something previously beyond the reach of Pulp Culture’s​​formulators, who had “struggled to identify a protein that possessed the solubility, texture and neutral taste profile suitable for their premium live-culture beverages,” ​said The EVERY Co’s founder and CEO Arturo Elizondo.

“This launch further proves EVERY Protein’s capacity to unlock never-before-seen-or-tasted innovations.”

But do consumers really want protein with their alcoholic beverages?

Mark McTavish, CEO of Pulp Culture, told us: “Converging trends suggest consumers are interested in both functional beverages and protein addition to drinks.”

He added: “As a premium offering with a best in class value proposition, our products are targeting a more educated consumer who prioritizes their health and performance above all. Pulp Culture fits squarely into the functional beverage category, with function at the core of our product formulations and nomenclature. Our typical customers are mushroom lovers, endurance athletes, and fitness fanatics.

“We also receive plenty of interest from hard working parents, entrepreneurs, and other high performing folks who want to get more out of their adult beverage. We often hear our customers say things like, I don’t drink often, but when I do …..I only drink Pulp Culture.”’

Available now to national audiences online, a retail rollout will follow shortly, said The EVERY Company​ ,which mines the egg proteome fornovel, hyper-functional proteins” ​it can express in yeast or other organisms – and has already commercialized three ingredients:


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