Abigayle Canterbury fat shamed by boss for wearing crop top

This plus-size woman isn’t taking any crop from her bosses.

A former smoke shop staffer named Abigayle Canterbury is virally blowing the whistle on her now-ex-manager for allegedly body-shaming her for wearing a crop top during her shift — a sexy blouse often sported by her more petite co-workers without rebuke, The New York Postreports

And the full-figure employee ultimately quit the gig after receiving a scathing demand to “cover the stomach.”

“I got dress-coded at this job that does not have a dress code. Make that make sense — you can’t,” exclaimed Canterbury, 22, in a now-trending TikTok testimonial, which has raked in over 404,000 views. “I’m also the only plus-size female that they had working,” added the buxom brunette, from Mobile, Alabama, of the smoke shop chain — which she failed to name in her digital rant.

“I’ve never been to one of their locations and seen a bigger girl working. It’s always been very small, petite girls, and they’ve always worn whatever they wanted,” she continued.

And the brand’s seemingly relaxed dress-code policy is what initially attracted Canterbury to the job.

“When I got this job … I was under the impression I could wear a crop top with some jeans and it’s not a big deal,” she said, alleging that she was never made aware of any work attire restrictions.

However, when Canterbury received a harshly worded text message from her unnamed manager, she was shocked to learn that the smoke shop’s owner didn’t approve of her midriff-baring outfit.

“I got a text message from my manager, and the text message said, basically, the business owner saw what I was wearing and he wanted to tell me to ‘cover the stomach,’” said Canterbury.

She went on to share a screenshot of the text thread, in which the manager plainly instructs her to “dress nicer” and “cover all your body.”

And Canterbury — who, in the comment section of her video, claims she’d been donning a crop top when she was hired at the smoke shop — admitted that the reprimand did “get under my skin.”

“‘Cover my body?,’” she questioned in the clip. “Have you seen your other f**king employees, bro?”

And the next day, when she asked her slimmer work associates — who were wearing peekaboo tops and skimpy bottoms — if they’d ever received dress code admonishments, Canterbury was stunned to learn that she was the only employee to be lectured for her looks.

Outraged TikTok watchers flooded her comments with words of encouragement, as well as similar accounts of body discrimination that they’d personally endured in the workplace.

“So basically you could sue for discrimination… and you [clearly] have it in the text,” penned one cyber supporter.

“Yea as a woman that’s been thin and plus size. I can definitely tell the difference of how I was treated. they were so nice to me when I was thin,” confessed another.

However, the supportive comments notwithstanding, in a separate video, Canterbury claimed that she’d also received a lot of “really hateful f-king comments” from women who she says have never faced fat discrimination.

“If you have never been singled out for your size, I pray that you never are because it’s a horrible f-king feeling,” she spat.” Nobody deserves to be treated like that based on their size or their race… Discrimination is discrimination. And what was done to me falls into that little f**king box.”

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and was reproduced here with permission


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