‘A highly strategic program that aims to accelerate innovation in the field of fermented foods’

The program to support fermentation R&I was piloted three months ago by L’Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRAE) and the Association Nationale des Industries Alimentaires (I’ANIA). The research-innovation project already brings together around thirty public and private players, from academic research to cooperatives, start-ups and corporations. The Grand Défi Ferments du Futur launched operationally on the 12th of December with the first meeting of its strategic orientation committee, which will contribute to operational and financial functions.

The aim is to allow facilitating interactions between experts and support a better understanding of the ‘key role’ of fermentation and fermented foods in human health.

“An ambitious part of this program will be to better describe and understand the historical and close link between the consumption of fermented foods and human health. The description of fermented foods should help us better characterize these complex ecosystems and their roles in our health.”Noted Sylvie Binda, Lallemand Health Solutions Vice President of Research and Development.

The participation of companies like Lallemand will ‘strengthen knowledge and innovation around fermentation’, the company suggested. Since 2012, Lallemand has been involved in the development of the programme, defining its objectives and content.

Lallemand is joining the Grand Défi Ferments du Futur in order to share its historical expertise in fermentation and its scientific skills while benefiting from a technical platform, state-of-the-art equipment and resources in order to develop fermentation solutions for the food industry. in a collaborative approach.”​ explained by Patrice Laforce, Research and Development Director, Lallemand Specialty Cultures. “Among the objectives of the consortium, we wish to develop, mainly through applied research and short-term projects, solutions that will be quickly applicable to the market. This is in line with Lallemand’s research and development strategy.”


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