7 Foods You Never Thought Would Make Your C*m Taste Better

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We’ve all had the thought at least once or twice in our lives: “Does my cum taste good?” It’s something partners don’t necessarily say out loud. Nobody finishes you off by exclaiming, “Mmm, delicious!” This has led lots of men to one question.

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Are There Foods That Make Cum Taste Better?

You’ve probably heard once or twice about the whole pineapple theory. You know, the one that says pineapple has the power to improve the taste of your semen. Well, that actually might be true. “Anything you eat or ingest, whether it’s food, drink or smoke, can affect the taste and smell of your bodily fluids and secretions, including your semen,” he says. Isla Zyer, nutritionist, blogger and plant-based nutrition expert at Obesity Controllers Association.

In 2012, a study at Oxford University compared two groups of men following two different diets. While one group focused on a more unhealthy diet consisting primarily of processed meat, pizza and sweets, another group followed a diet surrounding chicken, fruit, vegetables, fish and other healthier foods. Though nothing references taste, the healthier group’s sperm motility rate was higher than the unhealthy group. All in all, it probably comes down to the idea that healthier sperm might mean tastier sperm.

Because semen is alkaline, it’s naturally quite bitter and, in some cases, salty. While there are no scientific studies regarding the taste of semen through certain foods, it’s said that some foods can balance pH levels, making for a less-bitter taste. Alongside the “magic” taste transformation found in pineapple, you might also find help in other fruits, herbs, spices and vitamin C-rich veggies, Dr. Gracen Lake, internal medicine expert from esourceresearch.org, tells us.

So if there are so many foods presenting the potential to make your cum taste better, we’re going to want to know about them. You know, for… uh… testing.

That all said, look no further. Whether you’re getting down and dirty with a partner using the best sex toys or want better-tasting cum for those “just in case” moments, find seven foods that make cum taste better below, suggested by several health and sex experts across the globe.

1. Pineapple & Pineapple Juice

We said it once, and we’ll say it again. Pineapple is one of the best foods to eat if you want to try and make your cum taste better because it can cut the bitterness in semen through its acidity. Plus, pineapple is simply delicious — so chow down. Of course, pineapple juice can do the trick, too.

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Pineapple, foods that make cum taste better


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2. Cranberries & Cranberry Juice

Dr. Rudolf Probst from Audiology Research tells us just how well cranberries help pH balance, which overall improves your semen. Snag some solo or in juice form to help potentially enhance the taste of your cum.

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Tropicana Cranberry Juice, f

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3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a staple on the mouths of almost every single expert we chatted with regarding food that makes cum taste better. Registered nutritionist and CEO of Personal Trainer Pioneer Tyler Read tells us cinnamon “is an excellent herb for producing a pleasant-tasting cum since it neutralizes smells.” Cinnamon is easy to add to your diet, too — toss it in healthy cereal, mix it with fruits, sprinkle it in yogurt, or even add it to your morning cup of joe.

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McCormick Ground Cinnamon, foods that make cum taste better

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4. Celery

Dr. Gracen Lake tells us, “Vitamin C-rich celery helps to wash away a part of the salty flavor” when it comes to semen. Plus, Celery’s calorie intake is almost nonexistent, making this a super healthy snack. Chop it up and throw it in a salad for some less salty-tasting cum.

Celery, foods that make cum taste better

Celery, foods that make cum taste better


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5. Apples

Edwina Caito, head content creator, video and podcast personality for BedBible.com, has worked in the sex/pleasure product/relationship and sexual health business for 30 years. Her suggestion? Foods in high natural sugars. Why? Because they can sweeten semen, she tells us. We suggest apples — they’re easy, affordable, casual and delicious.

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Gala Apples Fresh Produce Fruit, foods that make people taste better

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6. Wheatgrass

Thinking about greenery? Dr. Gracen Lake also calls out wheatgrass, parsley and peppermint when it comes to foods that make cum taste better. These can sweeten the taste of semen and are easy to find. Wheatgrass is ideal because it’s also available in a powder that you can mix into smoothies or pour into a glass of water.

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7. Lemons

Almost all of the professionals we spoke mentioned how much citrus positively affects the taste of semen. And, what do we think of most when we hear the word citrus? Lemons. Squeeze a little bit into your glass of water, mix it into your salad, and slather it atop a chicken.

Lemon, foods that make cum taste better

Lemon, foods that make cum taste better


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More Tips to Help Cum Taste Better

Aiming for the best-tasting semen on this side of the Sahara? Well, Tommy Pederson, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist RDN, health enthusiast, fitness writer, and main author for Vekhayn, has given us some more tips to help cum taste better.

Avoid alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, but Pederson mentions another food you wouldn’t expect: asparagus. “Absolutely avoid asparagus like the plague,” Pederson tells us. “I don’t know if anyone knows why yet, but it makes it worse than alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and processed foods combined.”

In addition, water is your BFF. “The more hydrated you are, the fewer toxins will be floating around your insides,” says Pederson. “Keep your fiber regular for the same reason.”

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