Price Rises from March 2014

piesquareDespite pretty hefty inflation here in Vietnam over the last couple of years – we’ve avoided any price rises since April 2012 as we’ve always tried to keep our food affordable – especially with those people in mind who ring us day-in day-out to deliver their lunch.

While, after two years, we’ve had to give in to the inevitable with selected price rises we’re doing what we can to keep everything as affordable as ever.

Drinks and cakes will remain at the same pre-2012 prices.  No change there.

Pies are now priced from 75,000 vnd to 90,000 up from 65,000 vnd to 80,000 vnd.

The sandwiches on the menu will go up from 65,000 to 75,000.

There will be further rises on food ordered via and Vietnammm.  Unlike many other places, to-date we’ve swallowed the 10% charge that they levy on all deliveries.  However from now, online prices via these services will increase slightly to help cover this.

For the best value and to ensure you’re made aware of daily specials it’s best to ring us direct to arrange lunchtime deliveries.


By The Cart

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