A squishy opening for The Cart Tho Xuong

Okay, transition time.

The Cart Au Trieu is no more.  It’s an ex-Cart. Is has ceased to be.

The Cart Tho Xuong, across they alley is open. Kind of. We’re serving from there, we’re delivering food, we’re welcoming customers but is all not quite what it should be.  Not all the furniture has arrived – including a counter – so don’t judge us on what is there yet but we’re getting there.

Most important is that the new cart has a new number 0439382513  – the Au Trieu number no longer works.

Basically we’d advise hanging on a week or so if you want to see the new place.  We’d rather make a better first impression at a later stage.

It’s not a soft opening. It’s a whole lot squishier than that. Soft in a week?  Stiffer in two?

We’re looking forward to stiffness.

By The Cart

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