The Cart Au Trieu is moving


We’ve long been looking for better premises for The Cart Au Trieu. Good news is we’ve found it – right across the road.

It basically consists of all the thing we were looking for. Glass doors we can shut against the dust and noise of Hanoi but keep the view and all that air-con cool in. Also more, space and importantly everything on one level. The dynamic of a two-storey restaurant has not been ideal.

The pic directly below doesn’t tell the whole story. If you take another step back there’s further space right at the front of the shop to watch the world go by and we’ll have a couple of tables there big enough for small groups to meet, lunch and caffeinate. There’ll also be a counter top running along the right hand wall and tall chairs, much in the style of The Cart Nghi Tam,  with power points for laptops. Of course there’ll also be free WIFI.

The watchword is going to be “cosy”. A hideaway from the Old Quarter on a back alley just a minute from the Cathedral.

In recent months Au Trieu has been a (insert swearword here) to keep clean.  A series of building works, culminating in the whole road being dug up meant, for an open place like ours, it was a nightmare. It accumulated several layers of dust daily. Now, as you can see from the bottom pic, the roadworks continue but hopefully better drainage will mean no more being flooded out.

We hope that by the time we open the new place, in about a month, everything should be fine.  Another beauty of the new site is no more confusion about the address.  It’s just across the road but it has a different street name – we’re moving to 10 Tho Xuong.  Confusingly Au Trieu street was considered the front and back of a single row of premises rather than opposite sides of the street so we shared our street name with the buildings behind us facing the cathedral. If you didn’t follow that then you see our problem.

We will have to change our phone number so we’ll share that with you and get it out to our customers just as soon as we know what day we’ll open the new premises and what the number will be.

All of the above means that we’re looking to affect some level of a relaunch in time for Hanoi’s “challenging” winter.  Winter menu revived and remodelled, new cosier site etc.  The hoody, scarf and latte weather can’t come soon enough.



By The Cart

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