Winter Plans: But how cold is Hanoi in Winter?

If you’re yet to encounter a Hanoi winter then right about now you’re thinking….how cold could it be?

The answer is very cold, sometimes very very cold. Yes nothing will freeze, snow won’t fall and you won’t have to defrost your Honda Dream in the morning. But….you will live in a world where that big concrete-framed house you live in won’t get any warmer from morning till night and there isn’t the option to crank up the central heating when you feel a bit chilly. Add in that year round humidity which guides that cold right into your bones and, like we said, it’s cold.

But there are benefits. In the summer it’s too hot to walk anywhere, in the winter it’s too cold to stop moving. Put on a hoody, wrap a scarf round your neck, pull the wooly hat down over your ears and a couple of marched circuits around Hoan Kiem lake will help enormously.

The other is food. For Vietnamese my top tip is pho at 13 Lo Duc not just hot but especially beefy too.  Beyond that, well in the winter of 11/12 when it got down to five degrees an evening’s hot whisky did the trick with honey and lemon.

We’re already planning a few winter extras at The Cart.  We’ve long added soups and stews to our winter menu.  I’d argue that nothing compliments our pies and sandwiches better than hot soup.  The above is the classic coupling of leek and potato soup with a meat and potato pie.  Other favourites include the Irish stew and minestrone.

Unless the weather takes a turn for the chilly we won’t be launching the new winter options until November at the earliest but feel free to give us your feedback.  Leave a comment here, tweet us, add your comments to Facebook or catch up with Loan at the shop and let her know what you think.  As ever we’ll balance price with availability elsewhere and a general sense of what might go down well with customers.  If you’ve a favourite Grand Mother’s soup recipe that you’d like us to have a crack at then by all means share it with us.

In the meantime, don’t worry we’ve got the best bit of the Hanoi season to go through before we get too cold.

By The Cart

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