Ordering: online or by phone and changing delivery costs

(SEE UPDATE IN BOLD – midway down)

We’ve spent a couple of hours this afternoon discussing an issue and talking to eat.vn trying to work out what went wrong when a customer in a more far flung district of Hanoi wasn’t very happy at being charged for delivery on an online order.

To cut a long story short, the problem was partly with the online system and partly that he should have been charged in the past but staff had used their discretion in waiving the fee for larger orders.

We’re still getting used to online ordering.  I don’t think there’s any doubts that it’s the future but we all have to adapt.  In particular the system means that using our discretion is no longer an option.  We’ll have to stick to rules as automation is less flexible.  That’s probably not a bad thing.

So, we’ve added an Order Online page on this site to link the sites that offer it.  We’ve also changed our costing so that we will now deliver free to Hoan Kiem and Tay Ho but all deliveries beyond that will be subject to a 20,ooo VND charge their nearest points and farthest flung corners. We no longer go by kilometres we go by regions of Hanoi.

UPDATE: We’ve examined this again in the light of a customer complaint and have made an alteration.  From now – there remains free delivery to HK and TH – but we have reintroduced free delivery for deliveries under 3k from either outlet. Apologies for any problems caused.

The other problem with online is that it puts a barrier between us and the customer.  If something goes wrong then the online company deal with it.  That can, of course, be very useful but it means that they’re the go-between and that can slow down the process of putting things right.

For customers, ordering online is a balance of convenience versus choice.  Online you won’t have the access to the Monday to Friday specials that are announced via Twitter.

So our apologies to our customer today.  The old way was discretion the new way will be consistency. It may be a little less flexible and personal but at least the deal should be clear. You may pay more, you may pay less but you should at least always know how much you’ll pay.

Finally hats off to Ginger and Ross, both who have ordered with us via Vietnammm in the past couple of weeks and left kind reviews.  Ross if you’re reading this – thanks for the heads up about the Coke cans not being cold. We’ll try and avoid it happening in the future.

By The Cart

4 comments on “Ordering: online or by phone and changing delivery costs

  1. i just called to order delivery but was told you don’t deliver after 3 but it says opening hours are from 7-7pm. when i mentioned this to the person who answered the phone she wasn’t very friendly and told me to go check it again online. You should train your staff better, even if she was right, she shouldn’t have given me an attitude.

  2. Hi, there. It was me who took your call, I am the owner. As it says on the website we are open, 7-7 and yes the delivery is only available till 3pm. I am sorry you felt like I was being unfriendly, that wasn’t my intention at all. Our drivers only work until three because there is little demand for them after that time. Ordinarily someone using a fake name and fake email wouldn’t get past our comments moderating but we didn’t want you to think we were censoring any negative feedback. Again, sorry if you were unhappy and sorry we can’t do delivery after 3.

  3. Hi, I’ve been regularly ordering with other members of staff for several years from the Cart and generally have positive things to say about the food and service. Nevertheless, I think it’s ridiculous that we get now get charged 20,000VND for being about half a km outside Hoan Kiem. If you can’t be understanding and deliver a personal service to your customers then it’s very sad.

  4. Hi Trisoi, thanks for your feedback. I think you’re right – we’re just chatting about it here and trying to find a balance between getting it right for the order online customers and for those who are long term customers calling us by phone. Here’s what we’ll do -firstly we’ll refund your 20,000 VND and secondly we’re going to put our free area to 3k from each outlet (or within HK or TH). In our experience it’s not so much the cost as confusion that’s causes complaints but we’ll try and be uniform in applying this. We’ll get there eventually – our apologies if we take the occasional wrong turn on the way.

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