The Last Word…has left the building

There’s an air of excitement on Word day, the monthly date when the expat mag hits the capital’s cafes.

Last month our initial five per outlet didn’t last the day and the good people at The Word sent us over another few for Au Trieu and Nghi Tam.  When they went too we managed to snaffle a few more.

This month, the first five have gone and there’s none more to be had (though I’ll let you know how future snaffling attempts go). However, as ever, you can find it online here. Having a quick shufty through the pages I was delighted to see the locator map above that we nicked (with permission) to include here.  You can see The Cart Nghi Tam (number 1) in its location between the Sheraton and the Intercontinental.  Love it.

Thanks to The Word. We love your work. Now, when can we get it on Kindle?

By The Cart

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