Sadly, it’s that prices time of year again

Well, despite hefty inflation we’ve avoided putting up prices for a whole year. It was April 1st, 2011 when we last revised what we charged.

The bad news is that we’ll have to make a further price rise this year, the good news is that it’ll be an under-inflation rise of 5,000 VND for sandwiches.  However there’ll also be a 5,000 increase in coffee and juice prices.  The good news being that we’re going to ditch the plan to charge for our posher take-away cups.  This way it’ll be a flat price for all – drink in or take out.

The only other price rise will be our meat and potato pies – largely as a result of customers wanting more meat – you spoke, we listened.  So it’ll now cost 65,000 VND (also up 5,000 VND).  The steak and ale pie and the chicken and mushroom pies will remain at their current prices of 80,000 VND and 70,000 VND respectively.

However, we’re going to spend the next week altering menus and ensuring all our communications are uniform so we’re putting off putting up prices until April 9th so you’ve got a week to scoff sarnies and sink coffees at 2011 prices.

Everything else, that includes cakes, pasties and tea will stay at current prices.

By The Cart

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