A proper *cup* of coffee

Ah that lovely taste of Punto Italia espresso…but you do need a decent takeaway cup if you want to take it home, to work, etc.

(And yes, I know this has been an ongoing theme)

So, as mentioned before we have the KeepCup (see below right) (as featured in The Word magazine) – we bought a case of them back after Christmas and we’ve around 20 left, so if you want one – be quick. They go for 280,000 VND each and they’re particularly marvellous.

As of tomorrow lunchtime (NEW!), for takeaway, we have ripple cups with lids (above right).  They’ll keep the coffee warm and you won’t burn your hands taking one home to your caffiene-needing other half. But they come at a price – we’re having to add 5,000 VND for takeaway to cover the cost of the cups.  We hope you understand.

‘Course you can always just have your coffee in.  Read a magazine, listen to the music, use the WIFI, take time out.  As ever we’re always happy to see you. You know we love you all, right?

By The Cart

2 comments on “A proper *cup* of coffee

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