KeepCups are GO!

KeepCups the eco-cup for the low carbon, high caffeine generation are now available via both Cart outlets.

The Australians among you may already know about the KeepCup. It’s an Australian (Melbourne) invention that has crept across the world fired by great press and social media-boosted word of mouth. Now available via Amazon they’re being spotted in the world’s major capitals and now we’ve brought them to Hanoi.

We’re delighted that they’re environmentally friendly, we’re just as delighted that they’ll survive a motorbike trip without spilling. See the pic right and below – it’s as if they were designed for the Hanoi coffee lover. Key is pluggable sip hole. Sip holes are good for walkers but not for riders.

You can buy them for 280,000 VND each at both The Cart Au Trieu and The Cart Nghi Tam. We can also deliver with lunch orders if you’d like.

Some more KeepCup facts here.

For the record we’re also about to start using “ripple” cups for takeaway coffee. They’re a little more robust that what we currently offer. They won’t save the world and we’re also having to charge an additional 5,000 per cup to cover their cost. Financially and environmentally we think the KeepCup is a better bet.

Thanks to regular customer Leanne for pointing us in the direction of the KeepCup. We love them.  Check out this movie as to why they are truly designtastic.


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