Fists of Fury: Now making all our own bread

A couple of people have remarked this week on the bread at The Cart. No, you’re not just imagining it, it  did just get better.

That’s thanks to Doan who joined our team recently and he’s now responsible for making all our bread – both the baguettes and the rye. That means it’s a little bit fresher and a whole lot tastier.

You might also have noticed the occasional croissant and new style of cake knocking around our diplay cases. With 10 years baking experience Doan is a very talented man and he’s slowly revealing to us just what he can do.

This is huge for us and to my reckoning it’s takes us to another level. The Cart started with a single antiquated domestic oven. We’re now up to three almost as antiquated domestic ovens. Progress of a kind but we’ve plans for a proper commercial bread oven as befits a man of Doan’s talents.

Doan, the man with the magic hands,  joins us following a stint in what the local papers call Chinese Taipei.  We’re delighted to have him with us.

Just what we, err, kneaded.


By The Cart

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