The Cart Nghi Tam now open

We did it.  The Cart Nghi Tam now open.

We’re a little tired right now to write much more but essentially we’re open 7am – 7pm.  One of us had to go to their proper job today but did so with a takeaway skinny latter and a bowl of muesli and fruit.

Staffing continues to be a nightmare and we’re going to do what we can to: a) recruit someone quickly (there must be something we haven’t tried) and b) stop it affecting our service.

Right now one member of staff would make a huge difference, two would be incredible – but we’d gladly take on four if they were out there.  That way we all get to work reasonable hours at a reasonable pace.

But we think the new place looks great.   Good times.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the first breakfast opening and to all our customers.

By The Cart

2 comments on “The Cart Nghi Tam now open

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