We just struck Heinz Ketchup – there’s a lot of finding things to be done in this business

We set off to Metro this morning – a large megamarket type place on a dusty street on the outskirts of town. It’s never a fun trip.

Even if you can hold your brain in check against the onslaught of the worst of eighties pop (I heard “Take Your Breath Away” three times) then there’s the queuing, the aisles so packed with palettes that you can’t get your trolley down them, the staff look miserable and everything conspires to make you want to run. The final point is when the security checks your goods against your receipt just to double check you haven’t stolen anything.

Anyway we went looking (again) for takeaway coffee cups, aprons and a stainless steel jug for steaming milk in. On all counts we failed miserably (anyone else know where to get these?). But we scored big just the same.

We found not just ketchup sachets but Heinz Ketchup Sachets. We bought out the store – both chilli and original.

This is something we’ve been trying to find since we opened. Judging by the hand-filled plastic bags full of sauces from other takeways we’re not the only ones. And, trust us, we know that a lot of customers like sauce with their pies. You spoke, we listened – we just had to find the things.

Anyway, we arrived back with our bumper bag of sachets to find our kitchen full of chairs delivered by Maroon Driftwood. Stools for the front bar/counter that will look out over the road and smaller chairs for the couple of tables inside.

They were great.  Nice and broad to suit even the most generous tay behind.

Oh and we’ve had calls from a couple of people looking for jobs in the new place.

All in all, those illusive coffee cups aside, a very good day.

By The Cart

One comment on “We just struck Heinz Ketchup – there’s a lot of finding things to be done in this business

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