The Cart’s progress: cups, coffee machines and a couple more staff

So when we decided to go for it with the the new Cart in Nghi Tam there wasn’t much time for hanging about.

The new premises, we reckoned, were perfect for us and so it was a case of raising three months rent, paying it and staking a claim.

Then came the hard part – turning it into the new Cart – worthy of the Nghi Tam community.  Lots of decisions had to be made a long the way.

The good news is that we’re looking like opening the weekend of November 5th and 6th.  But there’s still some way to go.

First the progress – well we checked out pretty much every option going for an espresso maker.  We looked in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and then ended up importing an Italian machine from London.  It made sense to us at least.  The good news was once the deal was done it arrived inside two days.  The bad news there was some damage on route – in the end we managed to fix it. It’s currently a fixture in our kitchen and I’ll miss it when it takes up it place in the Nghi Tam Cart.

Coffee cups have been a nightmare.  We wanted a triple layered, cool wall cup and were told that we’d need to order 30,000 if they were to make them for us.  By our reckoning that would take us three years to get through  – by which time they’d have turned into mush in this humidity.  We’re considering a plan B.

As ever the biggest headache remains staffing – lots of people talked to, lots of people keen and yet there’s always a problem.  People want to start in a month or start now but need next month off or really want to work but can they just get back to us.  It shouldn’t be this hard.  If you know good people who want a good job then send them to us.  No experience required just honesty and enthusiasm.

In the meantime though there’s been a whole load of work done.  A kitchen has been set up from scratch, furniture is being made by the good people at Maroon Driftwood.  Other purchases alongside our well-travelled espresso machine are a freezer, fridge, oven, juicer, blender and a whole load more.

Oh and at some point the new place turned a fetching shade of orange.

But as you can see – there’s lot more to be done. There’s a new sign and awning to be installed. Also some frosting for the lower half of the window. We’ve also just purchased chairs, tables and a fan to sit outside. There’ll be no smoking inside but there’s plenty room on the pavement.

We did decide to go with WIFI in the end so that will be up and running when we open.

It’s going to be a busy final week.

Now if only we had more staff.

By The Cart

3 comments on “The Cart’s progress: cups, coffee machines and a couple more staff

  1. I live about 1 minute away from your new Cart and I am so excited for you guys to open! I have been to the Cart downtown a few times and I absolutely love it.

  2. Natalia – sorry we missed this comment earlier. Glad to be moving into the neighbourhood – we live in those parts too and always thought that it needed its own place.

    Look forward to seeing you there.

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