The Cart – opening in Nghi Tam soon

It’s common wisdom when planning a new shop, restaurant, cafe, store or whatever to keep shtum until it’s pretty much ready to open.

At The Cart we’re intending to turn this logic on its head.

So here goes – we’re opening a new Cart. In Nghi Tam Village, Tay Ho.

For those who live in the area you’ll certainly recognise the pictures at the top and bottom of this post. Yes, it’s the convenience store that has served many of us so well and has now moved to larger premises next door.

So we’re moving in.

Downstairs is surprisingly large now the assorted drinks, veggies and pastries are cleared out. We’re intending to install a counter and stools along those large windows and there will still be room for a couple more small tables too.

Upstairs will give us what we’ve been wanting for a while – a large kitchen space. We’ll be moving much of our cooking from our current site at Au Trieu but the current Cart will have a major part to play alongside the new one. This is a new outlet, not a replacement location.

Much of what we do will be the same but with a few subtle differences. We live in Nghi Tam ourselves and reckon there’s a market for breakfasts, tea and coffee on the run. Either takeaway or served and consumed quickly.

In the end the main reason for not keeping our intentions a secret is so that we can get your suggestions. If it makes good business sense and if we think there’s a market it for it then we’ll incorporate it. We’ll also blog, tweet and Facebook our progress as we go.

This is a massive step for us and we can’t be the first fledgling entrepreneurs who are making such a move while crossing our fingers that we can do all we need to on a budget that’s probably just shy of what it should be.

With a fair wind we’ll get it open before the end of October. In the meantime send any ideas, potential staff (enthusiasm more important than experience) and luck our way – we’re going to need all three.

See you Nghi Tam. We are very very excited.

Steve & Loan.

By The Cart

6 comments on “The Cart – opening in Nghi Tam soon

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  4. Hey buddy, best of luck to you with the new venture!! I’m sure you’ll have great success, and will have lots of fun.

    Take care, enjoy, and all the best to you, your wife, and your business.


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