You were always on my mind…

I’m back after three weeks away – we’ve been spending time with my inlaws in the UK and also took a week to travel through Scotland.

In the meantime you’ve been in the capable hands of my two sisters Trang and Diep, my brother Duc, the ever wonderful and long-serving Thuy and motorbike delivery rider Canh.

I hope their efforts met your expectations.

Certainly it’s hard not to worry about The Cart while I’m away despite such a good team.  It’s also hard not to fear the worst and after a week away from the net I worry when I finally log onto the online review sites.

Frankly at such times – no news is good news – but better still we received two largely positive reviews from two sites.

However I’m aware that with me gone it also means the team is an extra pair of hands down.  That means, despite the relative summer lull, staff had to work very hard to keep up with orders that didn’t quite experience the dip that we expected.

While away we also dealt with correspondence that questioned our delivery policy.  While driving between the islands of Skye and Arran we received the heart stopping news that both our ovens were down. I’m back tomorrow and I’ll get to the bottom of why but it appears they were mended and the problem lay with seasonal high electricity useage which meant power was too low to run them.

So, while it’s still very much summer in Hanoi I return full of enthusiasm for our upcoming “autumn term”.  That means the excitment of welcoming lots of new people to Hanoi. It also means the continued development of new specials and dishes for our customers.

I neve really switch off even on our holiday.  I’ve returned with baggage weighed down by new baking tins, with inspiring menus from sandwich shops and having strolled the market town of Hexham while nibbling a Gregg’s traditional Cornish Pastie as research (not bad but a little too salty for my tastes).

In line with our “tell us before you tell the world” policy please let me know if you’ve had any problems with The Cart that need our attention.  But also let us know if you’ve any ideas for items that we could add to the menu.

It’s good to be back – and for those of you that are just arriving in Hanoi – glad to have you with us, we hope that you’ll enjoy living in this wonderful city.

Love, as always,


*Pic is taken when we were staying here on our way up to Scotland.
By The Cart

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