Our delivery criteria – an explanation.

We’ve lost a couple of orders this week regarding our delivery criteria (minimum order 100,000 VND) so we just wanted to try and explain our situation.

We have some callers who only want a sandwich, priced around 60,000  VND,  so let’s look at how that would break down.

As is standard, one third covers food costs, the second third covers onsite costs – that’s electricity, wages, rent etc. That leaves us with 20,000 profit on a single sandwich.

You’d be lucky to get a xe-om from Westlake to Hoan kiem for 20,000 VND.  On top of that – we also lose a member of staff for 20-30 minutes at a time.  Don’t forget too that fuel prices are going up and up.

In short, we would make absolutely no profit on an order of that size and The Cart wouldn’t be around much longer. We love what we do – but we don’t do it entirely for fun.

In the meantime, it’s currently not uncommon for us to make the same trip half a dozen times to a single company or organisation – something that slows down our deliveries to you and to other customers.

There is of course an easy way to get just a sandwich and beat our delivery minimum of 100,000 VND – just order at the same time as colleagues.

That way we can prioritise your order, get your food to you as quickly as possible and you can order only what you want.

And we add less traffic to Hanoi’s already overflowing roads.

Unlike other places The Cart has no service fees for delivery – you only pay for what you eat. We hope you understand our point of view and realise that if we are to continue to  feed Hanoi’s hungry workers then we also have to ensure we’re covering our own costs.

As ever though if you have got any more questions we’re happy to take them.

By The Cart

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