“…kinda discusting, ‘healthy’ food that nobody likes…”

You can’t win them all…man comes into shop and orders a frittata with tuna and then complains…”It’s the kinda discusting, ‘healthy’ food that nobody likes… there was some kind of strange and fake looking omelet with fish and some other crap”

Apart from him being surprised that a potato and dill frittata with tuna includes egg and fish…well, what can we do?  He complains our mayo is “melted butter mixed with salt” – it’s egg yolk, oil and lemon juice and seasoning – fresh mayonnaise (I think he was expecting the squeezy stuff).

Sadly this is our only right of reply. (UPDATE: The New Hanoian have given us the right of reply.  We have addressed the issues here in our reply which should be online soon.  Thanks to TNH).

We love and value our customers and work hard to keep them happy.  Our staff speak good English, we have a blog with a comment feature, we have a Twitter feed, we have a Facebook page. So many options if people want to give us feedback – good or bad. Bring it on but please do it directly to us and we’ll try and sort it out.  We don’t want any unsatisfied customers.

This customer didn’t say a word.

We do try.

By The Cart

2 comments on ““…kinda discusting, ‘healthy’ food that nobody likes…”

  1. Steve – The New Hanoian (meaning me) is working on a way to allow business owners, whether they pay us or not, the right to publicly reply to reviews.

    TNH is a local business, like yours. We don’t have $$$$ from investors to make the best system $$ can buy. I encourage you to encourage your customers to show their appreciation of a good meal by writing it up on TNH.

    Personally I’ll be very happy when I get time off from my day job to allow me to make the changes I’m referring to.

    Meantime please try to work with what we have, and keep it local.


  2. Tom,

    Thanks for the reply – and thanks to the New Hanoian who have just allowed us to jump the queue and add our reply.

    Frankly we have stopped asking our happy customers to write reviews because they invariably provoke others to take an opposite view. We are at our happiest when being ignored by New Hanoians. I am aware that it wasn’t always like that but – like you- I’ve spent way too many nights dealing with this stuff – after working full time elsewhere.

    Love the site – don’t always love the culture that surrounds it. I think that bringing the right of reply is a huge step forward. Personally I’d follow it with ensuring that people’s comments are no longer anonymous or allowing phrases like food “…that nobody likes” through which is clearly untrue.

    In terms of working with the site – if it’s all about debate and customer feedback – then consider this to be that.

    Thanks again to New Hanoian for listening.

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