Food for the Workers: Our New Menu

You spoke we listened.  You loved our specials so much you wanted them every day.

So that means our falafel wrap is now available EVERY DAY!  Our meat & potato pies are now available EVERY DAY!

To replace them on our specials board we’ve also been creating new favourites.  Minestrone soup, chicken Kiev sandwiches, even sausage and mash have made an appearance, so be sure to ask us when you order what we have on offer that day.

The bad news unfortunately is that with Vietnam’s on-going upward inflation we haven’t been able to keep all our prices down. So, from March 1st there are some prices increases and you’ll find the new prices on our menu page. The price increases have also meant that we now have had to make our minimum delivery order  100,000 VND.

However, you’ve ten more days at the old prices before they go up. Enjoy!

And if you’ve got any other ideas you’d like to see become specials or even perhaps long term menu staples then please let us know.

Thank-you Cartsters!

By The Cart

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