Martin Satchell – A celebration of a life

On Christmas Day, Martin Satchell died in Australia after a short battle with cancer.

Amongst his friends in Hanoi he will be remembered for his love of life, generosity and all he gave during his time with KOTO, The Cart and in Vietnam, in general. He was much loved and is sadly missed.

On Saturday 16th of January 2010, KOTO will host an event for Martin’s friends and colleagues in Hanoi to get together and share memories of Martin.

The tone of the event will follow that of an earlier ceremony in Australia.  Please wear bright, colourful clothes.

Doors open at 7pm, please be there by 8pm in time for a few short speeches.  After that the theme will be “beers not tears” as I am sure you will agree that is what Martin would have wanted.

Refreshment will be provided by KOTO and The Cart.

Please forward to anyone you know who knew Martin and would like to attend.

Details of KOTO location here.

* We’re putting together a short presentation to include pictures of Martin in Vietnam and messages from friends and colleagues.  If you’ve a few words you’d like to add or a picture you’d like to include then email them to

KOTO has graciously offered to provide drinks for the event however we’ve declined so that our drinks bill can contribute to the cause rather than use up valueable funds. Please bring money for a cash bar.  In addition we are liaising with Martin’s family to put in place a permanent reminder of Martin’s work  in Hanoi.  Details will be announced on the night including how you can donate.

By The Cart

One comment on “Martin Satchell – A celebration of a life

  1. We have sent you already message from our Football team for the lost of Martin in our team. Tonight (thursdays) we will inform as much as possible the Football players in Hanoi. Please read our message which i am willing to mention on the saturday night. Best regards.

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